TikToker Cry out After finding out her BF impregnated another Girl and Took her on Vacation [ videos]

A Tiktoker cried out online after finding out that her boyfriend got another girl pregnant, and took her on a vacation while she was performing wifey duties.

She lamented that despite living in the same house with her man, he took another girl on a trip to Kenya without her knowledge.

He also celebrated the girl’s birthday and even bought her an expensive cake.

At some point, she couldn’t take it anymore and she sent a direct message to the girl who informed her that she was pregnant.

Read Her Story in her own Words below;

So I came on this app to tell y’all how I found out that my boyfriend, not my link, not my situationship but my man that I was basically living in his house with him took an American girl on holiday. Men I just…. So I’m out here doing wifey material. I go clean her drugstore and get his malaria medicine, I even had to pack his suitcase I’m not even driving and I followed him to the airport and I take a train back home.

“I didn’t stay at his place because I felt I was going to get hot so I went to stay at my mum’s and was going to come back when he got back but when he got back he didn’t even call me once but obviously I had a bad feeling about this trip because there was this girl that kept coming on his pictures and he gave me the same old don’t worry about it.

So one day something just made me go to this girl’s profile and am I not seeing that she was at the same location and background as my man they were on this trip together and he actually flew her out for her birthday.

“He got her a birthday cake and he decorated the room. The girl had a big big birthday cake at the expense of my man me that went to pick up the malaria drugs, me that did wife duties, me got a train back home. Oh my God.

“I’m actually stressed out telling the story. So I saw that she muted him on all the videos but she left this world video they were there on the safari he took her to the safari for her birthday.

Watch Video below;

I’m hearing a lot of you in the background. At this point I went to his house and I smashed everything, i bleached all his clothes and I smashed his TV and I didn’t turn off the light and I also DMed the girl to ruin their trip.

“I was like it’s fine keep him there because when he comes back you’re not hear from him again. The girl was so delusional telling me it’s my man, his coming back to the states, I’m pregnant for him and that’s it I wasn’t gonna to argue again I was just waiting for him to get back because my beef was with a man and not with her he’s the one who owe me loyalty”

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