Shekinah Garner Stands By Sarper despite His High Body Count.

Shekinah Garner is remaining by her life partner, Sarper, who is confronting serious analysis subsequent to uncovering his number of past sexual accomplices.

Garner denounced the man-whore tag of disgrace coordinated at Sarper, a star of “multi Day Life partner: The Alternate Way,” for uncovering that he has laid down with more than 2,500 ladies.

In a meeting in Los Angeles, Shekinah Garner communicated her dissatisfaction with regards to whore shaming while at the same time recognizing that Sarper’s activities were not shrewd.

Notwithstanding, she applauded his trustworthiness about his past. She conceded that the disclosure has caused trust issues in their relationship, especially when she is away from their home in Turkey, however noted that they are effectively dealing with these difficulties.

Garner additionally examined her life in Turkey and whether she considers the transition to be long-lasting. Shekinah’s bits of knowledge come directly following Sarper’s questionable confirmation on the show, which many fans deciphered as boasting.

During a ’90 Day Fiancé’ tell-all meeting, Sarper expressed he was not pleased with his past indiscrimination and demanded that Shekinah shouldn’t reveal her own number of sexual accomplices.

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