Simon Ekpa Reportedly arrested in Finland by Interpol [ see details]

Simon Ekpa Factional leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has been arrested in Finland by the international Police popularly called “Interpol”.

Ekpa was reportedly arrested at Finland international Airport whilst trying to fly to Israel. This is coming after many Nigerians called for his arrest over the killings and sit-at-home orders he reportedly instituted, that has crippled activities in the South-East region of Nigeria.

Finnish publication, Helsingin Sanomat reported that they arranged an interview at Ekpa’s apartment near the Lahti market square, for him to explain what his separatism and opposition to elections are all about.

However after Ekpa’s neighbor opened the door, they saw the police from the National Bureau of Investigation inside. “The interview will be postponed indefinitely,” a police officer told the mediamen, When asked whether it is because the interrogations take a long time or because it is not possible to meet the person we are aiming for after them, the police officer responded by saying that “both and the KRP does the job here.”

A cameraman who was at HS’s scene later confirmed the development when police officers in civilian uniforms led Simon Ekpa out of the apartment.

It was also reported that NIGERIA had asked Finland to intervene in Ekpa’s activities. Last week, the Nigerian Foreign Minister invited The Finnish Ambassador Leena Pylvänäinen to a meeting on the topic. Jussi Nummelin, team leader for West and Central Africa at the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, told HS a week ago on Thursday that Finland shares concerns about security and condemns violence and incitement to it, as well as “actions aimed at preventing people from exercising their democratic rights”.

It is uncertain if there are plans to bring him back to Nigeria to answer for his numerous alleged crimes.

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