Indian man Bites Snake To Death in Counter Attack.

An Indian man, Santosh Lohar bit a snake to d3ath in counter after the reptile att@cked him during a rest.

The 35-year-old from Pandua, Jharkhand in India, had been dozing when the reptile att@cked him, provoking him to take the surprising strategy of rapidly snatching the reptile with an iron pole and gnawing it two times.

At the point when inquired as to why he chomped the snake back, Lohar told India Today: ‘In my town, there’s a conviction that assuming that a snake messes with you, you should nibble it back two times to kill the toxin.’

He said gnawing the snake back keeps him from passing on, a notion exceptionally famous locally.

The sort of snake that att@cked Lohar has not been affirmed. He was hurried to a close by clinic where he was given a serum toxin remedy and was delivered the next day.

India is home to almost 300 snake species – more than 60 of which are profoundly venomous – including the Indian Cobra, the Russell’s snake, the normal krait and the saw-scaled snake.

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