Democrats in Silent Move to Throw Joe Biden Under The Bus.

Democrats have interestingly joined to blame everything on Joe Biden since he was chosen as  president.

House Minority Pioneer Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y) still up in the air to supplant Biden with VP Kamala Harris.

Jeffries supposedly held a virtual gathering with top democrats on Sunday evening.

Fox News revealed that Jeffries encouraged the others to unite behind VP Harris as a possible replacement.

However, in the radiance of day, every leftist who was available at the gathering denied supporting Harris as the chosen one.

The liberal news media, which safeguarded Biden for quite a long time, has likewise betrayed him as of late.

As per CNN, a top Parkinson’s infection nervous system specialist held a gathering with Biden’s doctor at the White House recently.

Dr. Kevin Cannard, a nervous system specialist at the Walter Reed Public Military Clinical Center, met with White House doctor Dr. Kevin O’Connor at the White House in mid-January, as per White House guest logs.

Cannard has visited the White House multiple times this year, as indicated by the guest logs: A January 17 gathering with O’Connor, and with one more staff member on January 26 and Walk 28. Cannard has visited the White House somewhere multiple times over the course of the last year, as per the logs…

CNN noticed that press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre denied Biden is being treated for Parkinson’s illness.

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