Kim Jong-Un Bans North Korean Citizens from having same Name as Daughter Ju Ae.

Kim Jong-Un North Korean dictator leader is reportedly making it clear that no one is allowed to have the same name as his daughter Ju Ae.

Kim Ju-Ae, 10, has made several appearances with her infamous father and there are talks that she will be appointed as his successor.

Additionally, the dictator has issued an order that anyone who shares the same name as his daughter must change it within the next week. According to Radio Free Asia, women who shared the same name as Ju Ae were immediately issued a summons to have their names changed.

Kim Jong-Un

In 2014, Kim Jong-Un issued a similar order stating that no two people could have the same name.

According to MSN, a 12-year-old girl’s name had to be reported to the Ministry of Safety so her parents could change her birth certificate as the name is being reserved “solely for persons of ‘the highest dignity.’ Last year, the North Korean government banned names that sounded too soft and wanted children to be named based on patriotism or ideologies.

Kim Jong-Un

After the reported rumor came out, social media responded to the news and found it shocking that women reportedly had to change their names

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