OAP Nedu exposes Island pastor who sleeps with female Congregants. [Video]

OAP Nedu has made a shocking revelation this time involving a well-known Lagos pastor whose church is located on an island.

The contentious OAP claimed that the well-liked clergyman, whose identity he withheld, had slept with his female members.

He claims that one of his male friends has been making attempts to date a female churchgoer, but his advances have been rejected.

He alleged that numerous people, including the woman, were having affairs with the pastor.

He revealed that both he and his wife rotate time preaching at the altar, providing further details about the pastor.

This has caused a stir on the internet as people try to figure out which pastor he is alluding to.

Many people mention Harvesters Church and House of the Rock Church.

Nedu said

He get one church wey young people dey go. He get one church wey dey for island, young people dey go the church. The pastor dey preach, his wife dey preach.

One of my guy dey go the church, d babe wey he dey track for the church we no gree for him, na d pastor dey wipe them”, he said in Pidgin.*

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