Stray bullet hits woman in the Clitoris as she relaxes in her Lounge.

A Stray bullet measuring 2cm has accidentally found its way into the clitoris of a 24 year old woman while sitting in her living room

The 24-year-old, from Somalia, was rushed to hospital in severe pain after the 2cm stray bullet came through her ceiling while she was in her living room.

CT scans revealed the bullet had become lodged inside her clitoris after being fired into her vulva, meaning she required surgery to have it safely removed.

Doctors said they believe the case is the first of its kind.

The date of the incident was not revealed in the case report by medics at Erdoğan Hospital in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

On arrival to hospital, the woman told the obstetrics and gynaecology team that she had been sitting in her lounge when the stray bullet fell through the ceiling.

Pelvic exams showed where the bullet had penetrated the clitoris, while CT scans confirmed the placement of the bullet.

Under local anaesthetic, medics then removed the bullet from the clitoris.

The woman was discharged home the following day “in good condition,” medics said.

Follow-up appointments a month later revealed there had also been no further complications.

According to the medics, non-obstetric vulva trauma — when the vulva experiences physical injury when not pregnant — is an extremely rare occurrence.

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