Ms DSF mocks ex-bf Skiibii over Fake Time piece

Ms DSF Fast growing actress has mockingly reacted online as ex-boyfriend Skiibii was busted for wearing  a fake designer wristwatch.

Earlier, Skiibii  took to his Instagram page to share dapper photos of himself while rocking the blue Richard Mille time piece.

However, the fakeness of the watch was sniffed out by a designer watch connoisseur known as Fakewatchbuster2.0 via Instagram.

Sharing a photo of Skiibii wearing the watch, he wrote …

For those keep asking about that RM011, yes that’s not a legit Richard Mille, as you can see from the pic there are a lot of differences clearly visible from the distance 🕵️‍♂️⌚️❌”

Ms DSF wrote in response ;  “🤣🤣🤣 made in yaba”

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