Nicki Minaj Congratulates Newly Weds  “Chioma and Davido”. [ video]

Nicki Minaj, the American rapper, observed Davido and his better half, Chioma, for finishing their conventional marriage, which caused positive chaos on the web on Tuesday.

During her on-stage performance, the rap craftsman  she paused for a minute to give a whoop to the Nigerian vocalist.

Just before she started singing ,  she stopped and inquired as to whether Davido had for sure sealed the deal, and the crowd answered with a noisy and excited yes.


Subsequent to affirming the news, Nicki Minaj continued to compliment the couple on their marriage prior to going on with the remainder of her melodic presentation.

Social media in-laws believed this motion to be charming and contacting, provoking them to communicate their profound respect in the remarks.

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