Elon Musk Confirms Report of Welcoming his “12th Child”

Elon Musk affirmed reports that he invited his third kid with a chief at his cerebrum embed factory.

Musk, who previously had twins with Neuralink chief Shivon Zilis, affirmed they invited a third kid recently.

Notwithstanding his 3 youngsters with Zilis, Musk has 5 kids with his most memorable spouse, three children with artist Grimes, and 1 kid who passed on from abrupt baby demise condition in 2002.

Musk, 52, told Page Six his most current expansion was not using any and all means “confidential,” but rather he wondered whether or not to report the birth since it would have quite recently been a little “strange.”

Musk said the kid was not “confidential” as the sensationalist newspapers enthusiastically revealed.

Every one of our loved ones know. Inability to give an official statement, which would be peculiar, doesn’t imply ‘secret,'” he said.

Bloomberg previously revealed the fresh insight about his twelfth kid in an article distributed on Friday.

Musk and Nick Cannon are doing their part to support the planet’s populace. Cannon has likewise fathered 12 youngsters by various ladies.

Musk tweets frequently about the gamble of “populace breakdown because of low rates of birth.”

He says “low rates of birth is a lot greater gamble to human progress than an unnatural weather change.”

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