Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods Reportedly Opening a Bar in Scotland.

Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods are setting up a bar called” T-Squared Social ” in Scotland. The news was first detailed by the BBC.

Justin and Woods are changing over a cinema into a bar offering “sports test systems, duckpin bowling, and darts, while holding two film screens.”

The bar will utilize around 40 to 45 local people in the St. Andrews region.

Woods, 48, recently said he and Timberlake concocted the thought while playing a series of golf at their land improvement in the Bahamas.

Woods and Timberlake have close connections to St. Andrews. Woods brought home the Open Title in St. Andrews in 2000 and 2005, while Timberlake has hit the fairway there a few times.

Timberlake, 43, was captured for driving while inebriated in the Hamptons last month.

The pop genius tended to his capture during a sold out show in Chicago, saying, “It’s been an extreme week.”

The BBC revealed that the application for the games bar was submitted well before Timberlake’s capture. However, the alcohol application was endorsed after his much-advertised capture on June 17.

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