Mother Sparks reaction online for Beating New Born baby [ video]

A mother has ignited mixed reactions online as video of her hitting her new born child surfaced online .

In the video making the rounds online, the mother was seen beating her newly born child with no pity.

Sitting on the bed near the child, the mother suddenly raised the new born child hand and by extension started spanking it several times and then the baby started crying.


However, the video has started generating several reactions online, while some refers to the mother as wicked for beating a newlyborn child like that, others claim that she’s trying to figure out how responsive the child is with the environment, also if the baby can talk.

Many stressed that the woman was wrong in all manner to beat her new child like that with her strong hand while adding that she might not truly be the baby’s mother. Others averred that running a lab test on the child could have been better instead of beating the new child.

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