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Sexual Arousal Hacks For Mature Singles and Married Women.

Sexual Arousal hacks comes into play when our minds want to get down to the sex business but our bodies act like they literally do not care. 

The human body is a very complicated place, there are many different factors that come into play when it involves the process of getting horny not forgetting the 3 almighty sexual hormones—estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone and how they affect the sexual desire and arousal one experiences when wanting to be intimate with oneself or with other persons of interest.

When these powerhouse hormones get out of balance due to stress or being sleep-deprived it can hinder your ability to become aroused quickly.

Learning how to get yourself in the mood [horny ] when you’re not feeling that certain erotic vibe or in dire need of an orgasm but your cookie pot [ vagina ] is giving you the silent treatment and cold responses is now a possibility all thanks to the vital hands on skills below;

From sultry breathing techniques to sexy games, below are a few handy tips on how to kick start your sexual drive and arousal from 0 to 100 horsepower. * winks

1. GET AN AROUSAL APP : there really are apps out there that can help you harness your horniness. If you’re in more of an “I want to learn how to rediscover my sexuality and embrace my eroticism. The app’s goal is to help women reach their sexual peaks by learning all about arousal, self-esteem, and desires through personalized, guided journeys. Oh, and there’s also a section where you can listen to sexy stories

2. ROLE PLAY : Buy a wig in a different color, wear something totally out of your element, do some wild makeup, and watch yourself in the mirror as you begin to explore ~your character’s~ body. Murphy says creating an illusion outside of your day-to-day is “essential,” and in turn, can help you break out of a dry spell

3. PLAY WITH YOUR NIPPLE : Before you take a deep dive into masturbation or penetrative sex, it is best to begin your journey by paying attention to areas of the body other than your genitals.

  • Caress your neck & chest,
  • Play with nipple clamps
  • Gently stroke thighs,
  • small erogenous zones that get ignored when you masturbate,

While carrying out the above in a subtle but sensual way, it is important you play with intensity and friction to see what feels good and works for you.

4. NETFLIX : You don’t just have to watch shows for the storylines. There are a ton of movies and series you can stream full of sexy scenes. And honestly, sometimes the hookups on Netflix are even hotter than the stuff in porn because you’re so emotionally invested in the characters. Peruse the sexiest shows and movies on Netflix and be sure to have a vibrator at the ready.

5. ACTIVATE YOUR SEXUAL SENSE : to activate your sexual sense, its vital you do the following:

  • Eat some aphrodisiacs (like chocolate, berries etc),
  • Set the mood in your room [adjust the lighting]
  • Turn on some really good music,
  • Swap your cotton sheets to silk,
  • Spritz some perfume all over you that turns you on.

6. BREATH WORK : Focusing on your breath is the most direct way to get out of your head and into your body,” says Menezes. She suggests closing your eyes and breathing really deeply and slowly. Try different breathing patterns—like, holding your breath in for three seconds before you exhale—and see what feels best.

7. CREATE EROTIC PRIVATE FILES : You’ll want to create a private file on your phone—whether via an app, the Notes tab, or a camera album—to compile a bunch of things that turn you on for moments like this. “Pop in your earbuds and listen to hot sounds while you scroll through words and pictures that do it for you,” suggests Miles. “Add to it whenever the urge organically arrives.”

8. SENSUAL BATH : Use your loofah, sponge, washcloth, and/or your fingers to turn yourself on. “You’re already soapy, wet, and slippery, so your fingers will glide over your most sensitive areas even better,” explains Lords. You don’t even have to masturbate just yet (although if you turn yourself on and can’t help it, you do you!), but just focus on touching yourself in a gentle, sensual way.

9. SEXUAL FANTASY OF THE MIND: Porn is great, and sometimes even love scenes on Netflix or TV can be even better. But by creating your own sexual fantasy in your mind, “the mental images will quickly get you where you want to be,”Remember: Your mind is your safe space, so feel free to explore whatever fantasies you’ve kept up there, unabashedly.

10. AUDIO PORN : There are a lot of options out there by way of audio porn, so def don’t knock it until you try it. There are sexy stories, guided masturbation tracks, and even sites where people can submit audio files of themselves having sex. Whatever your kink or desire, there’s absolutely an audio option that’ll do it for you. Also, a big perk: You can listen to it on your headphones at work to be horny by the time you get home. No judgment.

Criminally hot.

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